Here are 5 Things For Those Considering Weight Loss Medication

Written By Brady Wirick

In recent years, the introduction of GLP drugs has offered new hope to individuals struggling with high blood sugar levels. These medications, such as Ozempic, have shown remarkable efficacy in lowering blood sugar and aiding in weight management. While the benefits are promising, it’s essential for those considering or currently using these drugs to evaluate their overall health and lifestyle choices. In this blog post, we’ll delve into five critical questions to ask yourself to ensure a comprehensive approach to metabolic well-being.

1. Are You Metabolically Healthy?

While GLP drugs can play a role in blood sugar control, their main mechanism of action in weight loss is to make you feel less hungry so you do not eat as much. They are not a magic solution for overall metabolic health. The standard approach to consider whether you are metabolically healthy by assessing factors such as cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and insulin sensitivity. Addressing these aspects alongside medication often leads to more confusion and frustration for the patient and more. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, then just reducing calories will not be enough: Have you tried reducing calories and increasing workouts with no results? Are you experiencing brain fog or walking into rooms and forgetting why you are there?  Do you often feel bloated after meals? Do you struggle to get quality sleep? Are you experiencing joint pain?

2. Are Your Hormones in Check?

Balanced hormones are pivotal for metabolic health. If your hormones are imbalanced, GLP drugs might not be as effective, or worse, they could exacerbate the issue. Reducing inflammation and eating a blood sugar friendly diet is the key to getting to the root of these problems. 

3. Do You Have Joint Pain?

Joint pain can be an indicator of underlying inflammation, which will not be adequately addressed by GLP drugs. It is imperative to make dietary changes to reduce overall inflammation, as it plays a crucial role in metabolic health. Our office specializes in making key nutrtional changes to reduce this inflammation so you not only feel great, you will shed pounds too.

4. Do You Have Parasites?

Undetected parasites or dysbiosis can trigger autoimmune responses, leading to metabolic inflammation and weight gain. Just taking GLP drugs will not address these underlying issues. It is very important to investigate and address gut health. We can help you eliminate any parasitic infections and work on restoring a healthy gut microbiome.

5. What Is Your Exit Strategy?

GLP drugs can be a valuable tool, but they are not meant to be a permanent solution. Consider your exit strategy for discontinuing these medications and maintaining blood sugar control. Developing a plan that includes sustainable lifestyle changes, such as dietary modifications and regular exercise, is crucial to prevent weight gain after stopping the medication.


While GLP drugs like Ozempic offer significant benefits in blood sugar control and weight management, it’s crucial to approach their use with a comprehensive mindset. Asking these five questions can guide you in ensuring that you are addressing the root causes of metabolic issues and promoting overall well-being. We would love to help you on this path to becoming the best version of yourself! You can book a free strategy session by calling 208-218-8622 or by CLICKING HERE


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