Hope for Neuropathy: A Personal and Professional Journey to Nerve Health

Written By Brady Wirick

Neuropathy, a condition characterized by nerve damage, often results in symptoms like pain, tingling, and numbness. But there is hope. My personal battle with neuropathy, stemming from chemotherapy for testicular cancer in 2009, and my experience as a holistic health practitioner have shown me that recovery is possible. Here, I’ll share insights from both my personal journey and professional practice, emphasizing the essential elements of nerve health: fuel and activation.

 Understanding Neuropathy

Nerves require two primary things to thrive: proper nutrition (fuel) and sufficient physical stimulation (activation). My experience and practice have taught me that a comprehensive approach addressing these two elements can significantly improve nerve function.

The Power of Diet

The cornerstone of nerve health is a well-balanced diet. During my recovery, I discovered the importance of a low glycemic, autoimmune-type diet. This diet stabilizes blood sugar levels and reduces inflammation, providing the nerves with the consistent energy they need to function optimally. Such a diet avoids high sugar and processed foods, which can exacerbate inflammation and disrupt cellular health.

Here is a link to a free course that will help you with the diet aspect of neuropathy. Yes. It says “weight loss course” but the same principles apply:


 Supplementing Nutrition Gaps

While a good diet is crucial, supplements can fill the nutritional gaps that diet alone might not cover. One of the products I recommend is NerveReverse. This product line is designed to support nerve health through a blend of vitamins and nutrients that are specifically aimed at enhancing nerve repair and function. From my professional perspective, incorporating such supplements can make a significant difference in managing and reversing symptoms of neuropathy.


Enhancing Recovery with Red Light Therapy

Another tool in the neuropathy recovery toolkit is red light therapy. Personally, I have benefited from using an affordable red light therapy device available on Amazon. Red light therapy works by penetrating the skin to stimulate cellular repair and improve blood flow, which are crucial for nerve health. The convenience of at-home devices makes this therapy a practical daily regimen for individuals suffering from neuropathy.


Low-Level Electrical Stimulation

Low-level electrical stimulation is a therapy I regularly recommend both to my patients and from personal use. Devices like the one I recommend, which can be programmed with specific frequencies, are particularly effective. This form of therapy activates nerves through gentle electrical impulses, promoting nerve function and healing. The key is to ensure the device is set to the correct frequency to maximize therapeutic benefits without overwhelming the nerves.


You can also use this caddy with some epsom sault with your stimulation unit:


Vibration and Neuropathy

A vibration plate is an innovative tool in the realm of neuropathy treatment and overall wellness, offering a unique method for nerve stimulation and muscle engagement. This device works by creating a high-frequency vibration that causes a rapid reflexive contraction of the muscles. For individuals with neuropathy, the gentle yet effective vibrations can help enhance blood flow, improve muscle strength, and potentially reduce nerve pain by stimulating nerve activity and promoting healing. Additionally, using a vibration plate can support balance and coordination, which are often compromised in neuropathy sufferers. Incorporating this device into a holistic health routine can provide significant benefits, enhancing the effects of dietary measures, supplements, and other therapies designed to boost nerve health.


 A Holistic Approach to Healing

Combining a nutrient-rich diet, strategic supplementation, and innovative therapies like red light and electrical stimulation offers a robust approach to managing and potentially reversing neuropathy. This holistic strategy has not only been integral in my personal recovery but has also helped hundreds of my patients regain their nerve health and improve their quality of life.

Moving Forward with Hope

For anyone struggling with neuropathy, remember that your condition doesn’t define your future. With the right tools and a dedicated approach, improvement is more than just a possibility; it’s within reach. The journey to nerve health is a marathon, not a sprint, and with each small step, recovery becomes increasingly attainable.

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