Regenerative Joint Injections

Therapy for Arthritis & Joint Conditions

Using Your Body’s Own Healing Mechanisms

You may be looking for modern natural solutions that can help you reduce medications and surgery as much as possible. Regenerative Medicine Therapies may be something you have been searching for because you have heard about professional athletes and other celebrities opting for it with great success. There are a number of therapies available and this field is constantly evolving. We provide many options so you can make an educated investment in your health and get back to doing what you love.

How It Works

The benefit of working with biologics derived from tested and donated amniotic fluid or other perinatal tissue from healthy C-section births is that they activate a cascading effect that has shown to provide benefits including:
Reducing inflammation

Studies have shown that mice who were sick, once they were given regenerative joint injections, were more likely to recover than the once who were not. They were also much less likely to develop worse diseases as complications. These injections can significantly reduce inflammation in the body, thus greatly improving the ability of the body to fight the illness.

Regenerating tissue

Regenerative joint injections release chemical markers that signal damaged or diseased cells to repair themselves and regenerate into healthy tissue.

Regulating the immune system

Regenerative joint injections act as chemical signal molecules (chemokines) to regulate immune system dysregulation.

We have been working with regenerative joint injections since 2017 with excellent clinical results. If you would like to learn more, the best next step is to schedule an exam and consultation. Our mission is to provide products with the highest quality, efficacy, and safety to the community we serve and live in.

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